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Technical characteristics of ClimaTAC® doors and windows

ClimaTAC® doors and windows are manufactured combining custom craftsmanship with up-to-date numeric control machinery technology. This combination allows us to adapt to any size specifications or special requirements of the client. Our professional finish is unparalleled, at truly competitive prices.

ClimaTAC® laminated wooden windows and doors guarantee maximum insulation against cold and heat, highly efficient sound insulation, and an excellent quality-price ratio.

Our broad flexibility of designs allows us to adapt to any type of construction, to both new and modern building and to rustic or historical restoration works.

All these qualities grant ClimaTAC® doors and windows an exceptional performance and a unique endurance currently unparalleled in the wooden door and window market in our country.

The laminated lumber used in the profile is joined with totally guaranteed ecological glues of high resistance (D3-D4 according European Norm DIN_EN 204).

All timber used at ClimaTAC® comes from Sustainable Forests

We work mainly with two types of laminated lumber:

  •  Redwood of Sweden (with PEFC certificate)
  • Local Chestnut

Both of them show an excellent performance throughout the Spanish geography

The profile used in the manufacturing of our windows has been specifically designed and developed for ClimaTAC®.

The profile sections vary between 80 x 58 mm and 56 x 196 mm depending on the type of window.

The adjustable top-quality fittings grant great stability to the window, allowing a greater variety of apertures and support for large weights.

  • The windows with in-swing casement, awning, tilt-turn, parallel tilt-slide, and folding opening systems are within a category called EUROPROFILE with 7*8*4 Eurogroove, taking sash weights from 60 to 200 kg..
  • The windows with lift-slide aperture systems fall within European manufacturing standard systems, taking sash weights up to 500 Kg.
This type of window is specially designed for large openings.

The double EPDM (natural rubber) seal, the aluminium drip-tray embedded in the base of the frame, the double lock, and the European profile of the wood guarantee the complete water and wind proofing of Climatac windows.

The double glass comes in different sizes and thickness and lends perfect sound and thermal insulation. The profile allows for the installation of a wide range of glass options, ranging from 6 to 45 mm.

Our windows are treated with long-lasting waterborne products, which do not need to be removed in order for a new renovation layer to be applied. They are highly resistant to sun, wind and water and thus grant Climatac windows a superior durability and result in minimum requirements for window maintenance.

Multiple accessories can be added to the windows: roller-shutters in wood or aluminium, swing shutters, insect screens, etc.…..

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